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Ugga Bugga

The jungle hides a lot of hidden treasures, and that is exactly the case with the Ugga Bugga slot. There are plenty of dangers that lurk around, but that doesn’t mean that the danger will not pay off.

  • Interesting gameplay with nice sound effects
  • Mobile-friendly slot
  • Useful Bonus Hold Feature
  • Above than average RTP
  • No additional bonus rounds, such as free spins

Fancy a trip to the jungle? Well, Playtech’s 2013 release offers that and much more. Ugga Bugga is one of the oldest, yet most popular slots that you will find in any Playtech-powered online casino.

This is an online slot that is ideal for all classic slot lovers and all newbies in the online gambling world. It has a fairly simple symbol structure, with not an abundance of complicated bonus rounds that you will need to remember to play Ugga Bugga.

However, the winning potential is still big, with Wilds across the reels giving you the possibility to win up to 1,000x your stake. Let’s take a closer look at what the Ugga Bugga slot machines have to offer.

Ugga Bugga – Slot Features

The jungle hides a lot of hidden treasures, and that is exactly the case with the Ugga Bugga slot. There are plenty of dangers that lurk around, but that doesn’t mean that the danger will not pay off.

There are plenty of interesting features and symbols in the game that will let you search for the ultimate prize of 1,000x your stake.


We begin the special symbols with the Wilds in Ugga Bugga. Here, the Wild is represented as a nicely-crafted Shining Mask. It acts as a special symbol that unlocks multipliers for players who enjoy the game for real money.

However, if you decide to play the game for free first, you won’t get to enjoy this feature. In that case, you will only have the Wild as a form of a trump symbol.

As such, it can only replace other lower-valued symbols on the reels, except the Scatters. So, playing the Ugga Bugga slot UK for free is a good way to get a general feel around the game, but we recommend you dive straight into the action of real-money wagers.

After all, Ugga Bugga is not a complicated game, so you won’t need a prolonged period of playing in demo mode.

Continuing with the Wilds, they can get you a prize of 1,000 coins when you get at least 3 of them in a winning payline. To have a chance of securing this ultimate prize, you need to wager the maximum bet. If you don’t the maximum you can win is 250 coins.


Up next, we have the Scatters in Ugga Bugga, which come as the second highest-paying symbols in the game. Of course, you can get nice prizes when you hit a winning combination with them on the 10 possible paylines.

Bonus Hold Feature

Lastly, players who play Ugga Bugga for real money will be able to utilize the Bonus Hold Feature. It is an interesting mechanic that allows punters to take advantage of a hold feature before every spin cycle.

Once the initial spin is done, the hold option will appear on the bottom of all three reels. You can choose to hold the set of reels and respin if you wish to.

There are no winning strategies or tips in online slots, but the hold feature is as close as it gets. You can boost your chances of winning and control the gameplay a bit more if you decide to use the Bonus Hold Feature.

Ugga Bugga Slot RTP

One of the reasons why Ugga Bugga has been such a hit among players is that Playtech has made it pretty impressive in terms of its technical details.

Therefore, the RTP of the game is an astonishing 99.07%, which is something you don’t see very often in the iGaming world. As you would expect from a slot that has a high RTP percentage, Ugga Bugga has low variance settings.

This means that you can expect more frequent, but smaller wins. Therefore, as we mentioned above, the game is ideal for all newbies in the online gambling world.

You can place wagers by selecting the number of coins and the coin value. 5 Coins is the maximum number, with the maximum coin value being $1.

No Autoplay on Ugga Bugga

Unfortunately, there is no autoplay option in Ugga Bugga, which we don’t see as a big negative. This means that you will always need to spin the reels manually, and it is not something that you should get bored with.

In terms of symbols, as mentioned above, the Wilds have their own payouts in the game, and they offer you the chance to secure the maximum win if you land three of them in a line.

If you choose the default bet of 1 coin, you can look forward to payouts from different types of symbols in the game.

There are Temple icons which will pay out 10 coins for a winning combination. Boiling Carrots icons have a bit bigger payout structure with 15 coins, while Coconut symbols can get you 10 coins for three in a line.

The Mask icons are the Scatters in Ugga Bugga and they are the second-highest-paying symbols in the game. Depending on the colour of the mask you land, you can get up to 125 coins for a winning combination.

Finally, Ugga Bugga is one of the oldest slots in the industry, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot access it from any device.

Thanks to the HTML5 technology upon which it is created, Ugga Bugga can be played from any mobile browser, at any time.

Ugga Bugga – Slot Verdict

Ugga Bugga is one of the classics in the iGaming world, but it has remained relevant to this day. It offers a world-class RTP percentage of 99.07%, which is something that players easily fall in love with.

A small negative in the game is its lack of bonus rounds and features, but the Wilds and the Bonus Hold Feature more than make up for it.

Even though the volatility of Ugga Bugga is low, there is still a nice winning potential if you manage to secure a winning combination with the Wilds.

Of course, you can find this game at any online casino that partners with Playtech, and we are happy to say that there is an abundance of those in the international online casino world.

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