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Mega Joker

Mega Joker slot is a super entertaining game that will keep the players on the edge of their seats. It comes with a unique format that involves two separate grid sets, where the upper one can provide some hefty payouts.

  • Comes with a progressive jackpot
  • High RTP rate
  • The Superemeter mode provides big payouts
  • Bad graphics and sounds

NetEnt is always making sure that its slot games have the best features, which makes them far more attractive for the players. Mega Joker is one of them and it is also unlike others as it features a unique game concept that involves two 3×3 grid sets, placed on a slot machine.

Players need to form a winning combination on the lower and less fortunate grid in order to be able to play for much bigger payouts on the upper grid. It is a super fun slot game that keeps the excitement on a higher level with its unique format and plays options. Despite being released over a decade ago, you can still enjoy Mega Joker on any mobile device.

Mega Joker – Slot Features

Despite being a classic fruit-themed slot game, the Mega Joker slot comes with a few bonus features that add to the overall entertainment. They are also responsible for providing more generous payouts to the players, which is what every one of them wants to hear.

Superemeter Mode

If you manage to win a payout on the lower grid, aka the basic mode, then you will be presented with an option to either collect the winnings or wager in the Supermeter mode. However, the payout must be less than 2,000 coins in order to enter the featured mode.

All wins collected in the new stage will be stored in the Supermeter. You will notice that in this mode you can place higher bets, which wasn’t possible on the lower grid.

Once you reach the maximum payout of 2,000 coins, the wins will be automatically transferred on to your total coins.

It is worth noting that you can claim the winnings from the Supermeter at any spin and return back to the basic mode. A good tip is to follow the betting strategy that is shown in the table located in the game rules section.

Mega Joker Progressive Jackpot

The best part of the Mega Joker slots is the fact that it comes with a progressive jackpot. Every time you spin the reels, a portion of your bet will be added to the Jackpot, making it even more rewarding. In fact, 3% of all bets will be contributed to this highly anticipated feature.

This progressive jackpot will be drawn randomly and only the main bets are contributing to it. Also, you cannot win this major prize in the Supermeter mode.

Mega Joker Slot RTP

The Mega Joker slot machine is a highly volatile game that will provide some highly rewarding prizes once you manage to form a winning combination. But, those payouts won’t be very often as matching symbols don’t appear frequently on the reels.

However, it also comes with an RTP rate of 99%, which is possibly the highest RTP rate in an online slot on the market. This means that you have very decent chances of making a profit while wagering on Mega Joker.

The payouts will be given once you land on 3 matching symbols on the reels. There are 5 paylines on each of the two 3×3 grid sets. In the basic mode, all bets are capped at £/€1.

On the other hand, in the upper grid set, you get to choose from bets that go between £/€2 and £/€20 per spin. But, to choose one of the bigger bets you must first win a bigger payout in the basic mode.

The best symbols on Mega Joker

Cherries and Oranges are giving out a max payout of 5x the bet while the Lemos are rewarding prizes of 10x the bet. Landing on 3 matching Grapes will result in a max reward of x12.5. The biggest reward given by the Watermelon symbols will be 25x the bet.

Hitting 3 Bells will result in a max prize of 30x the bet while the Green 7’s are rewarding a max of 50x the bet. The Joker also comes with a max payout of 50x the bet. Landing on 3 Jokers in the middle row will result in a mystery prize of between 1x and 50x the bet.

Filling the entire grid set in the Supermeter mode with Joker symbols will also come with a max payout of 50x the bet. After claiming a prize of 50x the bet, the featured mode will end.

This slot game was released back in 2011 when mobile technology wasn’t as advanced as today. However, NetEnt made sure to re-develop Mega Joker with the use of the latest HTML5 technology. With it, the players are now able to enjoy this game on any mobile or desktop device.

Mega Joker – Slot Verdict

Mega Joker slot is a super entertaining game that will keep the players on the edge of their seats. It comes with a unique format that involves two separate grid sets, where the upper one can provide some hefty payouts.

It also has an RTP rate of 99%, which can only be found in a few casino games. This makes Mega Joker one of the best slots on the market. Amazingly a progressive jackpot, which can be won by any player randomly on any spin in the basic mode.

Thanks to the Supermeter mode, you will get the opportunity to win some very big payouts. But, to do that you will need to follow the betting strategy that is provided in the game rules.

NetEnt made sure that this super fun game is fully optimized for mobile use, as mobile gaming is a big trend nowadays. The players can access Mega Joker UK on any Android or iOS mobile device, where the gameplay won’t differ from the desktop version.

Apart from these great features, there are a few things that this slot lacks. First of all, there is a bad quality in the graphics, which makes the game less entertaining. Secondly, there are just a few sounds included, which aren’t very pleasant to hear.

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