book of 99 slot review

Book of 99

This online slot won’t be as popular as it is without its incredible bonus features. They are responsible for making the game more enjoyable and pleasing the players with more generous rewards. The bonus features are what every player hopes to find in the slots.

  • Optimized for mobile use9
  • An RTP rate of 99%
  • Has a free spins feature
  • Great Design
  • Only 10 paylines

With the Book of 99 slot, Relax Gaming has proven once again why they are considered to be among the best software providers in the industry. The action in this game is taking place in Ancient Greece where mythological creatures lurk around at night.

The winning combinations appear on a 5×3 layout where you will notice some very familiar symbols and some new ones with an amazing appearance. This slot comes with some incredible graphics and very intriguing sounds that add to the excitement. Also, you can enjoy Book of 99 on any mobile or desktop device, as it is been developed with HTML5 technology.

Book of 99 – Slot Features

This online slot won’t be as popular as it is without its incredible bonus features. They are responsible for making the game more enjoyable and pleasing the players with more generous rewards. The bonus features are what every player hopes to find in the slots.

Book of 99 Wild Symbol

The first feature in the Book of 99 is the Wild symbol, which is portrayed by a big book. Its duties are to help the players form a winning combination by substituting for the symbols. An exception is made towards the Expanding symbol, which the Wild cannot replace.

Free Spins

Getting 3 or more Wilds on the reels will result in 10 free spins. During this feature, an Expanding symbol will be selected randomly. It will expand to cover an entire reel on any winning combination formed on the reels.

It is worth noting that this special symbol will provide a payout on every line even when the winning symbols are not connected. Landing on at least 3 Wilds during this feature will add 10 additional free spins to the total.


Every Wild symbol that appears on the reels will add 1 step to the collection meter. When you fill the entire meter with 99 Wilds, you will trigger the free spins feature. After activation, the spins will be played with a bet size that corresponds to the average bet used when collecting the Wilds.

The collection meter will be reset to 0 after all free spins are used up. When simultaneously activating the free spins feature and collecting 99 Wilds, then both packs of free spins will be used one after the other.

Book of 99 Slot RTP

One of the best features of Book of 99 is the fact that it features an RTP rate of 99%. There is where the unique name comes from. An RTP rate such as this is very rare to find in an online slot, which makes this slot even more attractive. The 99% shows that you have a big chance of winning some funds.

The volatility level in this game is high, which means that the winning combinations will reward some very big payouts. But, matching symbols on the reels won’t be as frequent as on the other slot volatilities.

To receive a payout from Book of 99 you will need to land on 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols on the reels. As you might have known, the bigger the longer winning combination the bigger the payouts. On this slot game, you can place bets that range from £/€0.10 up to £/€100.

Smaller winning characters on Book of 99

Landing on the card symbols such as 10, J, or Q will result in a maximum payout of 10x the bet. As for the K and A, you can expect to win a maximum payout of 15x the bet.

The Cyclopes and Lamia are the middle-paying symbols which are giving out a maximum payout of 75x the bet. Pythia comes with one of the biggest rewards that reach 200x the bet. Lastly, the Apollo symbol is the most valuable one in this game that provides a maximum payout of 500x the bet.

Relax Gaming has created Book of 99 with the use of the latest HTML5 protocol, which makes this slot accessible on any mobile device. You can wager on this game from your mobile, tablet, or desktop device, regardless of the operating system.

Book of 99 – Slot Verdict

As you can read in this Book of 99 slot review this is an amazing game where you can look for some amazing rewards. The fact that it features an RTP rate of 99% makes it one of a kind, as there are only a few products on the market that come to this level.

However, the high volatility level balanced things a little bit, as you have to wait a little longer in order to hit winning combinations. Also, the prizes rewarded in Book of 99 are very generous.

Activating the free spins feature will definitely result in a large payout, especially if you trigger it with a higher bet. To make things even more interesting, the software provider allows you to win free spins by collecting Wild symbols.

There is always the possibility of activating both features and claiming 20 free spins. Additionally, you can make great use of the Expanding symbols that are covering entire reels on the layout.

Html Technology

Thanks to the use of the latest HTML5 technology, you are able to access this slot on any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. It is worth noting that the gameplay and overall gaming experience won’t differ between the devices, so choose whichever one you like.

There is a Book of 99 slot demo version where you can try out this super entertaining game for free before deciding to play with real money.

The entertainment is nearly the same, but you won’t receive a payout at the end of the gaming session, which lowers the excitement at the conclusion.

Apart from the many great features, Book of 99 also has one small disadvantage that may disappoint some players. In this game, there are only 10 payline, despite the fact that it comes with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are many slots on the market that feature the same grid set but also have a larger number of payline.

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